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Acrylic Risers Round for display of anything


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Acrylic risers are solid acrylic and are 93% transparent. This allows for the display of many different items without really seeing the riser display piece itself.

Acrylic risers are often used in retail stores, but they can also be found in museums, libraries, boutiques, and homes. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including: Countertop organization, Merchandise displays, Museum displays, Jewelry displays and Kitchen organization.

Acrylic risers are durable, lightweight, and easy to move depending on the thickness. As the thickness goes up so does the weight. They are also easy to clean and prevent yellowing and fading as long as you use an approved cleaner like Brillianize. We stock Brillianize for sale and we use it in our shop to finish off our products.

The transparency of acrylic risers allows for an unobstructed view from all sides, making them ideal for both professional and personal displays.

Acrylic risers are usually sold as a single solid piece, so they are quick and easy to set up. Some riser sets can be stacked, or spread out to create interesting arrangements like a stairstep display.


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