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2.50″ Clear Acrylic / Lucite / Plexiglass Blocks, Bases and Risers

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These blocks/risers/bases are clear transparent acrylic. They are all 2.50″ thick. Please look at our other listings for thicker bases/risers. They all come with silicone bumpons on the four corners of the bottom to protect the acrylic from getting scratched and to keep the base in place firmly. All of our bases come hand polished not by machine so all the corners are square and flat. Our bases can be found in homes under statues and art pieces and in museums all over the country showcasing what ever object is placed on them. We have attached pictures for your interest. We have been around since 1963 so purchase with confidence that you will receive a beautiful perfect piece. We do all our own work and we carry in stock acrylic from 1/16″ thru 5.00″ to service our customers properly. If you need a base that is thicker or in a different shape configuration please let us know and we will be able to help you. We have made base as thick as 12.00″ before so any size or shape is no problem. We also do colored bases but are limited by thickness and color. Contact us with any of your requirements.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote on a base that is not listed here.

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